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Specialty Yogic Services

I started looking into yoga teacher trainings in 2019 after noticing that many of my patients, especially my concussion patients, were struggling with symptom anxiety and difficulties with self-regulation. These issues appeared to reside at the level of the mind, therefore working solely on physical and cognitive exercises was insufficient to achieve full healing. Mindfulness moments, 1-minute YouTube meditations, and meditation apps were also insufficient. These patients needed systematic, personalized programs to calm the mind

When you search for yoga trainings online, the number of options for teachers is beyond overwhelming. It was my good fortune to come across Angie Hall's website very early in my search. When I spoke to her on the phone, she used my favorite word as a therapist: 'neuroplasticity.' This is the scientific term for brain re-wiring or modification, which is not something I expected to hear from a yoga teacher! I knew I had found the right teacher. 

My training started with learning a 5-wave Himalayan meditation practice. This was the first time it dawned on me that meditation can be active, not just sitting in silence. For individuals with hyperactive minds like myself, this is great! We need systems and protocols and a lot of hard work to lull the brain and body into a state a peace - it doesn't just happen because you sit down, light a candle, and try not to think.

From there, I went on to participate in many Sattva Yoga Academy trainings to gain a deeper understanding of Kriya yoga and ways to use ancient Himalayan wisdom with clients who are interested in learning more about these healing modalities. 

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"I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me "

- Einstein

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Research on the benefits of daily meditation is definitive and powerful. Consistently meditating has been shown to increase activity in the prefrontal cortex (the seat of higher  cognitive function) and decrease the size of the amygdala (the lower-level, fear center of the brain). Western science is just beginning to catch up with what the ancient spiritual masters of the Himalayas seemed to know. Polyvagal theory is a new science that appears to be strengthening this connection. The idea is that we can up-regulate or down-regulate our nervous system using tools such as sensory experiences, movement, chanting, and breathwork to improve overall well-being. 

My training is from the new Sattva Yoga tradition created by Anand Mehrotra, which is a blend of various styles and brings KRIYA YOGA forward in a revolutionary way. Although the teachings are ancient, they have great applications for today.

What is Kriya?

Systematic & specially prescribed use of any of the following:





"The Science of Light"

This ancient Yog-Vedantic technology is offered to clients who seek a deeper level of  insight into their soul's journey and assistance in tapping into their highest possibilities. Jyotish is based on Vedic Sanskrit texts written nearly 6000 years ago. Sessions begin with the creation of a natal chart using the time and place of birth. Analysis of various aspects of the chart are completed and an in-depth explanation is provided to the client. Charts can also be created for current and upcoming planetary transits. All of this information can be highly useful in identifying specific kriya meditation practices that are personalized to the individual. 

"The ancients knew something we seem to have forgotten."


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Coming Soon!

Have you ever wondered why certain places feel so enlivening, while other places make you feel stuck or sluggish? It may have something to do with the way the energy of places interacts with your personal energy. This analysis explores your personal geographic power zones on Earth. It will reveal the best places to experience spiritual growth, career success, domestic harmony, and improved health.

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