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About Evolve

Evolve Therapy & Wellness is the only place in Arizona where you can get a rehabilitation experience which integrates speech therapy, occupational therapy, and meditation concepts into a holistic session, personalized to meet your unique needs. 

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Evolve Therapy Process

The 2 most impactful things that any therapist can offer is an in-depth, thorough evaluation with a detailed treatment plan AND excellent coaching/home exercise training. 

The evaluation should be tailored to the clients needs and goals. It should include an in-depth analysis of environmental factors as well as the strengths/weaknesses of the individual. Standardized, norm-referenced assessments help isolate specific skills and compare performance to age-matched peers. Dynamic assessments involve guided interviews and structured observations in naturalistic contexts, which are also valuable in defining a treatment plan. Data is then compiled, analyzed, and interpreted. Creation of objective and measurable goals are included in this phase of treatment.

In traditional practice settings, evaluations are often rushed or limited for a variety of reasons, which results in a poor foundation to build on. At Evolve, thoughtful evaluation is considered key
There are very few conditions in the rehabilitation world which have quick and easy solutions. There is no medication or surgery which can solve the complex, multi-faceted problems that can arise in therapy. This is why a solid home exercise program is so important. I believe it is helpful to think of your therapist as your coach - someone to collaborate with, brainstorm with, someone to help adjust the program as needed, and someone to hold you accountable for completing your treatment program. 
There is an art and science to the rehabilitation professions. The science comes from excellent training, referring to well done research studies, and knowledge of biopsychosocial factors. But this is generally not enough to really help most patients. Creativity and out of the box thinking is what makes an exceptional treatment plan.
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Remediation - Improve physical/mental performance

Compensation - Alter the task/setting to facilitate success

Goal Achievement

Having worked as a medical reviewer for a major insurance company, I learned that the systems at play behind the scenes with 3rd party payers is even worse than most of us are aware.

Therefore at this time, Evolve Therapy is set up as a private, fee for service business. This is the only way to guarantee that care is provided with top quality standards. Remember, bare minimum services IS the standard of care. 

We are able to provide paid invoices and any other documentation requested for out of network care. This documentation can be provided directly to patients at their request. We are also able to accept HSA and FSA funds and we are an ESA approved provider. 

Unfortunately, Medicare beneficiaries are not permitted to pay out of pocket for medically necessary services. 
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